A cohesive bandage is a type of bandage or wrap that coheres to itself, but does notadhere well to other surfaces. It has similar function to elastic bandage.

Bandage Size

5CM x 4.5M

7.5CM x 4.5M

10CM x 4.5M

12.5CM x 4.5M

15CM x 4.5M

Size can be customized

Bandage Color

Various color can be choose

Bandage Package

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Carton size (Unit:CM)

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Rolls per Carton 

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Product: Non-Woven Cohesive Bandage



  • Fixing, supporting and Compression therapy



  • Non-woven fabric

  • Polyester

  • latex particle


  • Self-adhesion: Sticks to itself, does not stick to skin, hair or clothes

  • Tearability: Terable easily without scissors

  • Elasticity: Elasticity rate more than 80%. The wound can be well laced and braced with its even stress

  • Adaptability: Well bandaged on every part of body

  • Breathability: Due to the soft material and great tenacity, the skin can be in good contact with air which allows evaporation of Perspiration and liquid

Product: Extra fine cohesive elastic bandage



  • Fixing, supporting and Compression therapy



  • Elastic cotton substrate


  • Latex free

  • Soft and comfortable

  • Heavy and stable stretch

  • Provide moderate to maximum compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation

  • Strong and reliable stickiness

  • Constant unwinding tension

  • Good tensile strength

  • Leaves no residue on body parts

  • Color thread in the middle of the bandage facilitating overlapping

  • Reverse coating is available

We are the manufacturer over 20 years of experience for the elastic bandage, gauze bandage, crepe bandage, and other medical bandage products. The manufacturer owns nearly 105,000 square feet. All facilities meet the extensive requirements to ensure customer satisfaction through consistency and quality as outlined by CE, ISO, and FDA.


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